Why every real estate agent should participate in BOLD 2.0

The real estate coaching and training program called BOLD was first started in 2009, when our industry was in the midst of the greatest recession most of us had ever seen in our lifetimes.

Around the country, home values cratered, real estate agents were exiting the business in droves, as many in the news media proclaimed that home-ownership was not in fact part of the American dream, but rather a lie, perpetrated upon a gullible public by slick willies who had dominated the real estate and finance industries during the boom times of earlier that decade.

At Keller Williams, our company saw a loss of agents from the business that was in line with what was going on throughout the industry, and yet a closer look also revealed the individual hardships that these agents were undergoing – agents themselves were losing their homes to foreclosure, their businesses dwindling to nothing, personal bankruptcies, families dramatically impacted.

Keller Williams is an agent-centric company – on that was forged through asking bigger questions such as “What would it take to build a company that no one ever wanted or needed to leave?”

And in 2009, it was time to ask how to help KW agents stay profitable and stay in the business.

The answer was BOLD.

What is BOLD?

A seven-week program, meeting once per week from 8:30AM to 3:30PM, BOLD conditions us with powerful mindset exercises, language techniques, technological tools and robust lead-generation systems.

When you look at the most productive agents in our company, those who are truly Millionaire Real Estate Agents or are on the path to becoming so, you will find a common denominator is regular attendance to BOLD.

Last year, BOLD graduates INCREASED their CLOSED TRANSACTIONS by 50% and INCREASED their INCOME by 114%.

Those results are incredible, and it is the mindset, skills and systems that we learn in BOLD which also have helped so many agents weather the storm of the great housing crisis, go on to build even stronger businesses, and ultimately propel Keller Williams to number one real estate company in the nation.

Everything is always changing

There’s a saying that our physical bodies become entirely different over the course of 7-10 years. And research reveals that this is mostly true. We are constantly shedding cells and producing new ones, and by and large, over the course of 7-10 years, we’ve got a different set of cells.

One critical exception is neurons in the cerebral cortex – those typically last a lifetime.

Yet we can we can forge new connections among our brain cells, and change our brains that way. And that is precisely what BOLD is designed to help us do, through specific activities that challenge how we look at our businesses, and our lives.

There’s another 7-year saying, and that is that our values tend to shift every 7 years or so. Whether you have observed that or not, you can probably look back at your life over the last 7-10 years and confirm that you look, act, and think differently today. BOLD helps us identify and clarify those values.

Beyond ourselves, the world is changing.

Our industries are changing.

Real estate is poised to undergo the most significant shift that any of us living through it will have seen previously or since.

Will we become tech-enabled agents?

Or will the technology swallow up our businesses, subsuming us into agent-enabled tech?

With all things changing, it stands to reason that BOLD, the program which has helped thousands of agents increase their productivity and create a life by design, should change alongside us.

And that is precisely what is happening right now, as 2019 has brought us BOLD LABS.


Starting this year, the course is being actively regenerated, with two LAB sessions having already run in various locations across the country. Real-time input has been collected from us, the participants. This is how BOLD 2.0 is being developed and refined.

New scripts, new exercises, new focus on the cutting-edge and proprietary technology that KW is developing right now, to meet the changing needs of us, the real estate professionals. BOLD 2.0 is incorporating social media, redefining the contact, and integrating systems and tools that work with the way we do business in this changing technological landscape.

There has never been a more exciting time to take BOLD, and this new incarnation of BOLD 2.0 is putting us once again into the driver’s seat of our businesses, in a time of great change in our industry.

What would a 50% increase in closed transactions mean for you?

What would a 114% increase in income mean?

What would that do for your family?

For those you might be in position to help?

The future can be full of uncertainty. Or it can be full of promise.

Which will it be for you?

Take BOLD.

Business Objective: A life by design, not by default.




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