The world is waiting for you to do your thing

Consider for a moment, all of the amazing things that have been created or undertaken in this world:

The Eiffel Tower.

The Sistine Chapel.

They Pyramids of Giza.

Starry Night.

Mona Lisa.

The Great Gatsby.

Rocket ships.


Heart transplants.


All of these things came through human beings. Regular old human beings who once upon a time were kids in diapers who threw tantrums. Human beings who may or may not have had the best of social skills, who may have been bullied, who may have suffered loss, who who may have had challenged relationships. Human beings who most certainly suffered as all humans do, who may or may not have struggled through mental and emotional challenges, addictions, physical difficulties and more.

Now imagine a vast universe, deep and sparkling, with its infinite of possibilities.

Imagine all the things which have yet to be dreamed up, attempted, and ultimately brought into the physical world. All that you can imagine – will it be hovercraft? The total elimination of cancer? Reforestation of the planet? No more waste? Synthetic protein foods? Virtual schoolrooms that bring children from all parts of the world together? An incredible book? An astonishing work of art? No, make that MILLIONS of astonishing works of art, all of which begin to manifest as a sparkle, an idea in one’s mind.

Human beings have brought forth miracles. And as we look back in time, we see that the scope of our innovation is increasing exponentially over time. From the rudimentary tools and fire of the hunter-gatherers to the iphone 11, streaming television shows, same-day delivery of nearly any consumer good you may want – the speed of our innovation and acceleration toward an abundant world is increasing geometrically.

We live in a world where everything is changing, and it’s changing quickly.

How are you changing along with this world? Where will you contribute?

Remember that the universe is loaded with infinite possibilities.

Are you thinking possibilities?

How often are you asking yourself if you’re being who you are truly meant to be?

Yesterday we talked about being a vessel for creativity. If you struggle with believing that YOU can contribute something magnificent to this world, my first advice is: STOP.

And my second advice is: remove your ego.

Resolve to believe that the ideas, the creations, the dreams, they don’t actually come from YOU. You are merely serving God/The Universe by acting as the vessel through which an amazing destiny will flow.

We trip ourselves up by striving. We trip ourselves by attempting to own everything that we do. We get caught up in self-judgement, thinking we’re not good enough, smart enough, talented enough, or maybe we secretly believe that we are, and yet we’re afraid to seem arrogant or bossy or be rejected by others for thinking too “crazy.”

That’s all ego.

Think about the change that you wish to see in this world. Really think about it. Where is your heart? Where is your passion? What’s stopping you from going full-force into the future that you know you’re destined to help create?

Now is the time to become that person that you know you have the potential to become. To participate in bringing forth your part of the abundant future that awaits us on that starry horizon.

Your heart knows the direction. Look not outside of yourself, but within. If you are uncertain, take some time to meditate. Write in a journal. Take a day off from work and walk around your city or town, or in the woods somewhere, and just listen. Listen for what your heart already knows. It’s in there.

And then get started right away.

The world is waiting for that special thing which you specifically are qualified and destine to bring forth.

Get started.



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